Our Services

Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD System updates and upgrades, Servers migration.
Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD File Sharing NFS, SSHFS, Samba/CIFS.
Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD Network printer installation, configuration, debugging.
Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD Kernel recompilation, configuration and optimisation.
Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD Mail server installation, configuration and debugging.
Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD Load Balancer installation, configuration, debugging.
Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD Firewall and network router IPV4/IPV6.
Linux FreeBSD Web server Apache, NGINX configuration, installation, hardening, debugging.
Linux FreeBSD Database MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL configuration, installation, replication, debugging.
Linux FreeBSD Software RAID solution, Software Encryption system, SSL certificates.
Linux FreeBSD CMS installation and debugging Wordpress, Drupal.
Linux FreeBSD Cloud Web Hosting.
Linux Cache accelerator configuration, installation, debugging.
Linux Backup System, Ticketing System, Inventory System, Code Repository.
Linux Authentification System YP/NIS, OpenLDAP.
Linux Automation System Puppet, Kickstart.
Linux Virtualisation QEMU/KVM debugging and hardening of core systems.

Not in the list? No problem! Let us know and we will gladly assist you on your way to license freedom.